Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lost child

Imagine being a lost child

No food,
No water,
No home,
And no love

Think about 50 c a day can change hopeless children😦

Friday, October 16, 2015


Hi room 11,
I am in the UK I am having a wonderful time.The people that are with me well family are my grandparents Chris and Jane,my to uncle Matthew and Aaron my Aunty Diana I do have a other one but she lives in the U.S😎,my two cozens who are coming tomorrow are...Ben and Katherine.I will give you a little chatch up on how  it is going on Sunday so your Sunday night me and my family went to drum roll please. ................. LEGO LAND if you don't know what that is it like  Disney land but all made out of Lego 🎢I will send you a picture of it. It was lots and lots of fun and on Monday I took a selfie in front of big Ben and went on the London eye guess what they have done to it on every box well not every box but most of them this is for the rugby anyway they have panted different countries on the bottom of them but we didn't get NZ but we did get Scotland we were happy about it because  my dad is called Scott 👌 but the bad thing is I got stung by a bee🐝 my brother got stung by one four times,bozo who is my grandparents dog their is an other one but he did not get stung anyway I got stung only one time😃. One good thing for cour tinny pie there is a bus company called Courtney
So that was my update hope you enjoy
Bye bye for now.